Packaging: Tin Cans

These are valued for their convenience and portability. They are an ideal fit for an active lifestyle. They maintain the protection of the products and to their lightweight that makes them more useful on a daily base.


  1. Cashew 340g
  2. Pistachios 170g / 340g
  3. Almonds Salted / Half Salted 170g / 340 g
  4. Almonds BBQ / Smoked 170g / 340
  5. Gold Mix (Extra kernels) 170g / 340
  6. Extra Mix (80% / 20%) 500g
  7. Peanuts (4 flavors) 170g
  8. Super Extra Mix (50% 50%) 170g/340g/500g
  9. Coffee House Blend 200g / 500g
  10. Coffee House Blend Cardamon 200g/500g


  1. House Blend 200g / 500g
  2. House Blend Cardamon 200g/500g

Packaging: Aluminium

Aluminum packaging is flexible, light weighted, and easily recyclable. It keeps the taste fresh for a long time and provides the needed protection from light, oil and water vapor, which makes this kind of packaging non-toxic.

  1. Cashew 45g/60g
  2. Pistachios 45g/60g
  3. Gold Mix (Extra kernels) 45g/60g
  4. Peanuts 45g/60g
  5. Peanuts Crackers 45g/60g
  6. Pumkins Seeds 45g
  7. Super Extra Mix (50% 50%) 340g
  8. Extra Mix (80% / 20%) 340g

Packaging: Plastic

Plastic is a safer material for packaging since it doesn’t react with food and prevents contamination. As for cost, this type of packaging is the most efficient between all. They are easy to recycle as well.

  1. Small Seeds eg. 75g/340g
  2. Pumkins Seeds Ru. 340g
  3. Pumkins Seeds Cn. 340g
  4. Regular Nuts Mix 50g/340g
  5. Corn nuts 40g
  6. Sunflower seeds 50g
  7. Peanuts in shell 170g
  8. Spices 100g